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Legal / Tax-Corporate Defense

The professionals that conform this area provide services whose objective is to solve strategic business needs, as well as to anticipate and give correct attention to eventual tax and corporate contingencies, always within a legal and confidentiality framework that provide security and tranquility to our clients.

Our Legal, Tax-Corporate area supports our clients in four key aspects:

  • Provide the necessary advice to allow our clients a proper compliance to their federal and local tax contributions. This covers from the revision of the legal criteria applied, both in the local legislation and the international treaties, to avoid double taxation. The analysis of payment and informational declarations, monthly and annual, and the attainment of particular resolutions. A point to emphasize, is our great efficiency and experience in the processing of applications of refund of contributions due to positive balance or mistaken payments.
  • In accompanying them in the due attention to invitations, information and documentation requirements, home visits and electronic reviews issued by federal and local tax authorities.
  • In dealing with problems arising from the exercise of powers of verification by the tax authorities or any other act of definitive authority, either through the use of alternative settlement procedures or the interposition of the formal defense means (administrative resources, administrative litigation and appeals) before the different competent authorities.
  • In issuing an opinion regarding the tax situation of any taxpayer that is subject to an acquisition and / or merger (DueDiligence).

Corporate Legal Area

We advise our clients in issues such as:

  1. Legal constitution of a company.
  2. Compliance with commercial and corporate obligations.
  3. Update of legal books.
  4. Preparation and revision of assembly minutes.
  5. Preparation and revision of contracts and / or agreements.
  6. Regulatory compliance with respect to foreign investment.
  7. Mergers, splits and restructurings.
  8. Dissolution and liquidation of enterprises.

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