Positive Anticorruption Systems

The principle behind the Positive Compliance System (PCS) is to provide a true social change in the organization, through the recognition of the good, instead of punishing the ‘bad’

Our alliance with Nissim Heffes, founder of

  • The Positive Compliance Company, a company dedicated to the research and development of anti-corruption systems for all requirements of the sector, allows us to use technological advances such as GCP, Positive Compliance Management, which, in addition to being a very useful tool to measure truthfulness in replies through the Israeli software developed for voice detection, Nemesysco, constitutes a step forward within the whole management process oriented not only to the prevention and detection of fraud, but to create the conditions that allow managers to have collaborators in harmony with the fundamental values of the organization.

This tool, altogether with our experience in the field, allows us to:

  1. Support you in the development of a culture of ethics and transparency.
  2. Prevent, detect and stop cases of fraud, theft and other property crimes by strengthening existing internal controls.
  3. Detect symptoms that may be onset of unlawful and irregular behaviors.
  4. Establish programs for the prevention and detection of inappropriate behavior.

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  • We are ranked 9th among the top accounting firms in Mexico in the 2017 Ranking of the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) London, England.


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