Our auditors at BHR do more than only issuing a reasonable opinion of the companies’ financial position. We support the companies in the advisory of the appropriate compliance with the Financial Reporting Standards and the Audit International Standards.

In BHR our duty and commitment as financial auditors is to work as business partners of our clients. This means that we take part and have the highest commitment with our clients.


  • Audit of Financial Statements and for tax purposes, if applicable.
  • Conversion from Financial Reporting Standards (NIF) in Mexico to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Review of Internal Control about accounting processes required by the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission.
  • Report for Banco Internacional de Desarrollo, Ministry of Economy, among others, Assessment of internal control systems.
  • Special reviews for supports granted by Conacyt. Purchasing Audits and Due Diligence.


    The trust in our financial statements figures has always been important for decision making. To have an Independent Auditor to review and to give the opinion on the accuracy thereof is essential for shareholders, directors and third parties such as: banks, governments, international bodies and potential business investors or purchasers.

    In BHR Mexico we have a specialized team with the knowledge for the application of the Financial Reporting Standards (NIF), the International Audit Standards (NIA), the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) used by the American companies.In addition to review that such standards are correctly applied, we provide advisory services to obtain advantages in the application.

    The reports and opinions thereon are widely recognized by domestic and international financial companies to grant loans and governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), the Tax Administration Service (SAT), the Ministry of Public Administration (SFP), the Ministry of Economy (SE), the Mexican Board of Science and Technology (CONACYT) as part of the collection system and verification of accounts and other important non-profit institutions (ONG) to have the confidence that the resources have been used for their intended purposes.

    Our relation and representation in Mexico with the firm Santa Fe Associates International (SFAI), member of Forum the Firms, allows us to have first-hand knowledge of the updates to the international accounting standards and therefore, to be immediately prepared for the correct application and implementation.

    With the purpose to reduce the risk of issuing an incorrect opinion and/or failing to detect important situations in the financial statements figures, in all our audits, a quality control partner works to review the reports and paperwork supporting our opinions, in addition, we have a Domestic Quality Control Committee, selectively reviewing each of our offices to prove that there is no risk of unnecessary review.

    Advantages of the service

    • Team with the substantial experience and bilingual auditors
    • Technical, professional and international knowledge such as IFRS and US GAAP
    • Advisory for the better application of NIFs
    • Support of good standing and domestic and international coverage
    • Assessment of internal control for protection of equity
    • Total security for business investors and purchasers

    Our services

    • Audit of Financial Statements
    • Audit of Financial Statements with Tax Approach (Tax Report)
    • Reviews for supports granted by CONACYT and the Ministry of Economy
    • Conversions from the Financial Reporting Standards in Mexico to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    • Conversions from the Financial Reporting Standards in Mexico to the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP)
    • Implementation of Special Financial Information Standards such as:
      1. Determination of impairment of Assets (C-15)
      2. Impairment of receivable financial instruments (C-16)
      3. Leasing ( D-5)
    • Assessments of Internal Control

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    As Mexico is member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it has the obligation to apply regulatory actions supporting the authorities to maintain a control avoiding tax erosion, therefore, it is mandatory for the companies part of a National or Multinational Group, to obtain and maintain the reporting documentation to prove that their operations performed between related parties are under the market value, that is to say, that they have been made by a third independent party; the foregoing is known as Transfer Pricing.

    • Review of studies performed by Big4 and satisfactory attention to authorities
    • Immediate and personalized attention and service
    • Interdisciplinary team for the better analysis and study of operations between related parties (Economists, Accountants and Attorneys at Law)
    • Analysis and consultation of operations and/or unusual transactions, through our international firm
    • Use of specialized software to determine the compliance (Onesource of Thomson Reuters)


    • Advisory and Preparation of Transfer Pricing Studies
    • Preparation of statement:
      1. Exhibit 9 of the Multiple Informative Return
      2. Master Informative Return
      3. Local Informative Return
      4. Country by Country Informative Return
      5. Exhibit 16 and 17 of Tax Report
      6. Questionnaire of transfer pricing of Tax Report
    • Advanced Pricing Agreement (APA)
    • Review of specific operations between related parties before they are executed, as well as operations in process before the end of the tax year
    • Assessment of shares

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    Currently, the complexity to make the correct determination of social security and state taxes requires a constant training and exchange of opinions with authorities and specialists in such matter in order to avoid incurring in tax risks due to the inappropriate application of the law and/or determination of the tax.

    Group of Experts at domestic level, constantly studying the laws and any criteria issued by the authorities

    Use of technology tools, allowing us to make a better work saving expenses for our clients

    Experience of 28 years in social security and local taxes area

    Specialization in reducing risks

    Knowledge of systems and methods of taxation of authorities and we transform this knowledge in advantages for our clients.

    Identification of opportunity areas to reduce the tax burden in business related to fees, occupational hazards and other concepts.


    • Social Security Opinion (IMSS)
    • Local and state taxes opinion
    • Opinion for INFONAVIT
    • Employer correction
    • Compliance with outsourcing obligations
    • Assessment of the company’s situation and controls with respect to joint liability
    • Reprocess of bases for the payment of fees to IMSS and INFONAVIT
    • Employer’s regularization, support and advisory
    • Consultancy for employers of construction
    • Reviews in case of authority
    • Advisory of retirement funds of IMSS for collaborators, social welfare plans, preparation and remission of plans

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    We advise on legal and tax matters to several, states, municipalities and government-controlled corporations, with advisory in organization, administration, accounting and information technology.

    Our experience empowers us by the Ministry of Public Administration to perform audits with respect to financial and budget matters and the independent practice of Public Accounting to government agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration, the Office of the Attorney General and the non-government controlled Trusts, powers and similar agreements.

    Recognition in the main States of the Mexican Republic to perform reviews of compliance with different local taxes.

    Assistance to the systematic process focused on the objective, independent and evaluation examination of the financial, administrative and technical operations performed as well as the objects, plans, programs and goals achieved by the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration.

    Review of public accounts with the purpose to determine if they are performed according to the principles of economics, efficacy, efficiency, transparency, honesty and if they comply with the applicable standards and guidelines.

    Provide integral solutions with strategic alliances to comply with the provisions of the General Government Accounting Law applicable to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers of the Federal Government, Federal States, City Halls of the Municipalities, Administrative Political Bodies of the territories of Mexico City, Government-controlled Entities (federal, state or municipal) and Autonomous Federal and State Bodies.


    • Audit of Financial Statements, budget and public accounts.
    • Review of reportable transactions related to purchases, leasing and public sector services
    • Measurement of performance and management audit
    • Accounting Harmonization
    • Advisory for financial projects

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