BHR Mexico has a specialized team of Forensic Accounting, comprised of members certified by the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission, by the Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos (Mexican Public Accounting Institute) and by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), among others.

1) Forensic Audit, we ratify that all the administrative systems operating in the area do it correctly, avoiding economic and information leaks and manipulation of figures deriving in financial, operational, judicial and administrative issues.

2) Prevention and Detection of Frauds, our purpose is to assist the company with a methodology allowing to prevent and detect frauds.

3) Money Laundering Prevention, BHR has a team specialized in such matters with specialists certified by the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission that provide advisory and support in the compliance.

4) Training courses in Money Laundering Prevention with respect to the new obligations determined by the PIORPI Law, in addition to consider different topics such as the risk prevention (RBA), appropriate integration of files and reporting.


  • Money Laundering Prevention
  • Undue Appropriation of Assets
  • Corruption and Bribery
  • Financial Embezzlement
  • Digital Solutions and System for Prevention and Detection of Fraud
  • Forensic Technology Solutions


In the current global and complex world, companies are exposed to risks and problems they used not to deal with and it goes from fraud and abuse to errors and differences in transactions. Any company is vulnerable and the risk is imminent.

Our purpose is to provide the company a methodology allowing to prevent and detect frauds:

  • Supporting the development of a culture of ethics and transparency.
  • Helping to prevent, detect and stop fraud, theft cases and other equity crimes by strengthening the existing internal controls.
  • Detecting the «symptoms» that may be the beginning of illicit and irregular behaviors.
  • Determine programs to prevent and detect inappropriate conduct.
  • We have developed an anonymous report outsourcing service (HONESTATEL) for the personnel of the companies to report any unlawful act measuring the labor environment. The implementation is simple.
  • Our specialization areas are: Money Laundering, undue appropriation of assets, corruption and bribery, financial embezzlement and FORENSIC technology solutions.

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Currently, the world economy is threatened by transactions and operations of the organized crime, and there is a great risk that business be used as a vehicle for money laundering through such companies.

In this sense it is essential to protect the internal controls of the companies belonging to the financial system, as well as those activities considered as vulnerable with the standards issued by our authority such as the Federal Law on the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Illicit Resources (the Federal Law PIORPI) and the General Provisions (DCG), which help us to reduce the risk they represent.

In addition to the foregoing, the implementation of controls determined by the Mexican regulatory frame are not enough, due to the premises that each business is different, therefore more effective controls must be determined in order to avoid a penalty by the authority or be linked to any crime.

Our team members are certified by the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos de Mexico (IMCP), among others. We offer our clients the development of strategic solutions to strengthen the internal control, which are totally focused on mitigation of risks that are currently faced.


  • Design and implementation of an internal system of money laundering prevention. The prevention policies and operation manuals as part of the internal control represent an essential element to prevent money laundering for any Company which is considered vulnerable, therefore, we offer the design or implementation of an internal system of integral control for money laundering prevention as well as the review of the effectiveness of such system when it is established.
  • Compliance Back-Office. Support for appropriate compliance before different authorities regarding money laundering prevention, considering all and any routine and eventual obligations to which they are subject, depending on the supervision level.
  • Review of compliance with PLD provisions (PLD Audit). Assessment of measures implemented to prevent and detect operations with illicit resources, including additionally the compliance report, a letter of remarks and suggestions that we think is important to improve the prevention process.

Other Services

Advisory of compliance with DCG and the Federal Law PIORPI (Consulting PLD)

We support the activities related to the prevention process from the inscription or registration of the vulnerable activities, to the sending of suspicious operations report whether for financial sector entities and entities performing vulnerable activities, likewise we provide specialized advisory in transactions related to the PLD practice.

Review and implementation of the Risk Based Approach (RBA)

An appropriate risk control means that the policies and manuals of process implemented in a company maintain a management, prevention and mitigation of risk approach, among others money laundering, as it is currently one of the most important risks, our service includes design of risk matrices at entity level, such as transactional, policies of prevention, processes manuals, design of forms, etc., all according to the entity and its operations.

Technical training and annual training to internal structures

Maintaining trained personnel is good to prevent risks, in addition that it is a mandatory process with respect to entities subject to a PLD system, additionally, the vulnerable activities must be prepared according to the new obligations determined by the Federal Law PIORPI. Our training plans are designed in three levels: PLD for operative and service personnel, PLD for administrative personnel and internal structures of prevention, and PLD for top directors and executives, in addition to consider sundry topics as risk based approach (RBA), appropriate integration of files and reporting, and the basic PLD course, among others.

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Nowadays, fraud is a threat in any company, perpetrators constantly look for opportunities and they have innovative and ingenious manners to commit unlawful crimes such as the illegal appropriation of assets, corruption, bribery and fraud.

The report to the nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse 2020, issued by the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners); mentions that a normal company losses 5% of its annual income as a consequence of Fraud. In Latin America the average loss is USD$200,000 and the countries with more cases are Brazil and Mexico.

We have a team specialized in forensic audits (FRAUD DETECTION AND PREVENTION). Our professional team is specialized in the detailed analysis of the facts, evidences and processes to detect unlawful conducts in the company.

  • We help to prevent, detect and stop fraud, theft cases and other equity crimes by strengthening the existing internal controls
  • We support the development of a culture of ethics and transparency in your company
  • We detect «symptoms» that may be the beginning of illicit and irregular behaviors
  • We determine programs to prevent and detect inappropriate conducts
  • We design risk matrices, related to reducing controls, as well as to the assessment of effectiveness
  • We have developed an anonymous report outsourcing service (HONESTATEL), for the personnel of the company to report any unlawful act, measuring the labor environment with a simple implementation.


Information Technology Audit

Be sure that all your systems operating in your administration area are correctively working avoiding economic and information leaks and manipulation of figures that may derive in financial, operational, legal and administrative issues, make your systems work for you appropriately and avoid working for them, then.

Performance Audit

The Performance Audit is an objective, reliable and independent review on if the activities or companies operate according to the principles of economics, efficiency and efficacy, and if there are areas to improve. We reach to conclusions if the resources were fully used for the development of programs and if they were able to attain the compliance with the purposes, qualifying the high level personnel in its performance and assisting to promptly implement corrective measures.

Development and Strengthening of Internal Control

The development of this system has a good intent of the main decision maker of the company, covering its main supervision and monitoring liabilities of the operations and creating the most favorable control environment and therefore, it avoids the undesired consequences for the company. Our experts will guide you to find the methodology with the best control for your company.

The best investment of any company, whether public or private, is to have a good development of the internal control for different benefits. Our offer is to complement the system and to develop a true consultancy process under the technology tools of the company and the non-technology systems of the company, taking the COSOTM model as a benchmark, the widely recognized reference frame across the world.

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Our purpose is to assist the company in developing a methodology allowing to manage the business risk on a prompt manner, by implementing tools providing the capacity to identify, measure, categorize, register, control and follow up the risk in order to strengthen the Governance.

  • Methodology to make a design, implementation and management to the process and operation measures, in order to detect opportunity areas guaranteeing the business continuity, saving costs strategically
  • Experts in detecting gaps and designing internal controls to protect your business
  • To have a trust implant, covering the company’s profile
  • We offer forefront knowledge in all the new regulatory changes
  • Services


    It is an antifraud tool under the frames of ISO standard assisting your company to proactively work against fraud, among the main benefits of having this standard, we have the following:

    • Assistance to the company to maintain, implement and improve the anti-fraud flags.
    • Maintain documented and implemented policies at any level of structure to increase the strength of the company or the public to attain the purposes, in addition to proactively work against fraud.
    • Work in the financial entity preventively before any kind of fraud in the financial, operative, technological and commercial environment deterring the possibility of any kind of crime.
    • Maintain and distribute a culture of ethics in the company including before third parties as clients, providers, employees, officers, among others.
    • Evidence the monitoring and supervision of the transactions as legal resource for contingencies of any kind.
    • Approval of standard ISO 37001:2016, one of the best practices at international level such as the anti-fraud system.
    • Improvement of the Company’s Image in the business environment, as this system shows the firm commitment of the company or government entity against fraud with a serious and consolidated image before our providers and International, National and Local regulating bodies.
      • Review of honesty of providers and clients
      • Design and implementation of Risk Based Approach
      • Service of Money Laundering Prevention and financing to terrorism
      • Prevention and control of internal and external fraud
      • Design of internal control systems and chart of process
      • Preparation of policies and procedures manuals
      • Control and documentation of processes and procedures
      • Analysis and assessment of risk. Design and development of a risk map
      • Report line
      • Continuity manual
      • Process reengineering
      • Implementation of the Management System for Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001
      • Internal control

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