Our experience allows us to develop a strategic approach to support the companies to grow with success through the purchase, merger, divestiture and proposals of effective operative functioning.

We participate in the process actively and attaining extraordinary results in the transaction the companies decide to perform.

Capacity to reduce the price of sale of purchaser as a result of the findings detected in our Due Diligence

Avoid purchase of companies due to business, financial, tax and criminal risks.

Though our International firm, SFAI, we support the search of companies for purchasing or selling worldwide

Our services include the Financial, Tax and Legal Due Diligence.

We perform specialized services in Assessment of Companies and Risk Analysis.

We work with the company actively participating and attaining real results in the transaction the companies decide to perform.

BHR Mexico advises you in the following strategic items:

• Search of target companies- Purchaser and Seller

• Purchase and Sale Audits (Legal, financial and tax audits) and Due Diligence

• Support in transaction negotiations

• Development of financing strategy for purchasing

• Assessment of companies

BHR Mexico has carefully studied how to strategically advise the Mexican and international companies to improve and grow according to the business plan in Mexico and across the world.

The international companies are continuously establishing operations in Mexico, as well as the Mexican companies are establishing operations in different countries and regions.


Business in Mexico

  • Legal incorporation of business
  • Tax strategy
  • Accounting
  • Tax Compliance

  • Business Abroad (International Work Network)
  • Legal incorporation of business.
  • Tax strategy
  • Accounting
  • Tax Compliance


    The experts of this team provide services, which purpose is to solve the business strategic needs.

    With the analysis, technology and processes necessary to issue the correct opinion with respect to the integral tax situation of any taxpayer prospect to be purchased and/or merged (Due Diligence).


    • Incorporation of legal entities
    • Compliance with commercial and corporate obligations
    • Preparation of review of agreements and/or contracts
    • Compliance with standards of foreign investment
    • Mergers, divestiture and restructuring
    • Dissolution and liquidation of legal entities

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    The methods and approaches used in the financial community to Assess Businesses make this process a difficult task and derive in the fact that the assessment is not possible to be correct, and it depends on different internal and external circumstances of the Company.

    Our purpose is to support the companies, based on our methodology, to determine the Fair Market Value:

    • Methods based on accounting figures
    • Market approach
    • Fund flow approach

    The application of each method depends on the circumstances of each specific company, therefore, the assessment is not possible to be accurate, but having a study, used as a benchmark, on the approximate market value of the business shares, may result in a better and most effective negotiation process, shareholding restructuring or any other specific purpose.

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