The companies and individuals need to protect their equity from the risks of different authorities, therefore we have developed an integral service, in which our tax, criminal and corporate risk team members work together.


  • Tax-Criminal Security
  • Tax Technology
  • Legal Tax-Corporate Defense
  • Tax Advice for Tax Calculation for Expatriates


    The companies and individuals need to protect their equity from the risk of different authorities, mainly the Financial Intelligence Unit, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the Tax Administration Service and the Ministry of Public Administration; therefore we have developed an integral service in which our tax, criminal and corporative risk experts work together.

  • Integral service where tax, criminal and corporate risk experts work together
  • Development of technology tools to prevent a difference in information of the authority and information available of the company
  • Methodology to detect, quantify and to give suggestions for the corporate and individual protection of shareholders
  • Our professional services are entrusted to make a diagnosis to detect if the company is in any of the following assumptions:

    • Tax Fraud and similar
    • Bribery Activities
    • Forfeiture
    • False information and documents
    • Existence of Operations with Unlawful Resources
    • Identification of Organized Crime
    • Cancelation of digital seals
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    Tax Technology

    We evolve our services, automating the innovating and analytical technology, helping to detect controversies and facilitating the taxpayer the management of tax information and detecting the information of requirements. We attain the correct determination of taxes in order to avoid the payment of fines, updates and surcharges.

  • Avoid incurrence in fines, surcharges and updates of unpaid taxes
  • Prevention of cancelation of digital seals
  • Saving of administrative time by not incurring in controversies of information with the authorities
  • Avoid non-deductible amounts
  • Correctly determine the taxes
  • Reduce of 95% of the probability of omission letters
  • Automatic review since 2014 to date
  • Services

  • AUDITAX. Audit with a tax approach, performed through the issued and received digital documents
  • ACOFI. System that efficiently manages CFDIs
  • REDOC. Automatic systems making diagnosis and corrections of errors in electronic accounting files
  • HPR. Automatic review to compare the returns to the tax authorities against the data included in the XML of the payroll and its complement to verify the amounts withheld for wages and salaries, social security, subsidy to employment, among others
  • TIMCOPAG. It is a stamp automatic system in large volumes CFDI with respect to income, Disbursement, Payroll, Tax Shifting, Payment or Withholding
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    We have an area specialized in determination of expatriates taxes. We will be your tax department, helping to reduce costs due to labor charges and lack of correct application of the laws with the consequences of payments of fines, surcharges and updates.

    We develop strategies allowing to make the payment of taxes more efficient and therefore improving your cash flow.


    • Tax Litigation
    • Taxes refresher course.
    • Advisory for the correct application of the “Anti-Money Laundering Law”.
    • Determination of taxes for expatriates.

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