BHR is a leader company in human resources, personnel administration, payroll and accounting management.

With our outsourcing services you will be confident in improving and optimizing your time and processes. We provide technological and innovative elements allowing to have a total control of the personnel, payroll, training, recruitment and selection of personnel.

We are committed to the preparation and supervision of your Accounting, and we have the resources and flexibility to adapt to our clients’ needs, as well as the different areas of personnel recruitment, payroll management, personnel training and outsourcing.


  • Our duties go from making the accounting process to the preparation of financial statements
  • We support our clients in defining and implementing the necessary process in order to maintain an appropriate internal control on the flow of information for accounting records and preparation of tax returns.
  • Processing and Outsourcing of Payroll
  • Outsourcing services
  • Personnel training and development
  • Personnel recruitment and selection
  • Accounting


We are committed to assist you in the preparation and supervision of your Accounting, and we have the resources and flexibility to be adapted to our clients’ needs.

Our duties include performing all the Accounting process and preparation of financial statements to support our clients in defining and implementing the necessary process in order to maintain an appropriate internal control on the flow of information for accounting records and preparation of tax returns.

  • • Bilingual Team
  • • Team in compliance with the financial information standards
  • • Use of technological applications to make the electronic accounting report in due time and form and registry and analysis of the transactions.
  • • Comparison of the accounting information issued by the internal systems against that of the authorities systems (SAT).
  • • Implementation of changes and new requirements defined by the authority


  • • Process of accounting
  • • Determination of Federal and Local taxes
  • • Preparation of Tax Returns
  • • Monthly corporate meetings to analyze the main financial statements
  • • Detection of business issues through the cash flow analysis
  • • Conversion of the Financial Reporting Standards in Mexico to the International Financial Reporting Standards
  • • Application of the special Financial Reporting Standards such as determination of impairment of assets (C-15), leasing C-5, among others.
  • • Tax advisory to calculate taxes for expatriates

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The set of laws regulating the labor relations between employers and employees is a complex activity, therefore, the companies decide to look for the professional support of a payroll services provider.

To make this complex task, it is necessary to have the team specialized in federal and local labor and social security and tax matters, as well as with personnel with experience to develop the methodology allowing the flow of correct and prompt information, with first-class technological support.

Through our Payroll Management and Processing Service, we guarantee that your company will comply with the laws. Our service complies with the requirements of our clients and at any time, we contact the personnel in the event of doubts and suggestions arising during the process.

Our services include:

  • Reduce of administrative costs as it is not own personnel
  • “Zero errors” warranty, with economic coverage
  • Process performed with accuracy and promptness
  • Option to execute the process at its domicile
  • Avoid the expense of equipment and computer systems related to the payroll process
  • To have the legal certainty in the management of payroll and related tax payments
  • Preparation of any kind of payroll of employees and officers (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, special, etc.)
  • Optimization of the tax burden
  • Payroll check-up and optimization of benefits
  • Design and assessments of welfare plans
  • Labor and social security advisory
  • Attention and support in authority acts
  • Special attention service in annual processes
  • Calculation and preparation of registration notices of employees to be presented before the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), as well as notices of changes and modifications of salaries and withdrawals, if any.
  • Calculation of local and federal taxes derived from the payroll, as well as monthly payments to IMSS, payments to SAR and INFONAVIT.
  • Preparation of accounting policies according to the cost and accounts centers.
  • Determination of the total annual amount to calculate the annual return of employees’ salaries.
  • Maintenance for each employees of accrued annual amount, income and withheld taxes, in order to calculate and prepare the informative returns of wages and salaries.

Specialization: Audit, Accounting, Taxes and Legal

We go beyond the payroll Outsourcing services, and we have the necessary support to be aware of any situation or change in the laws that must be considered to anticipate the best performance of our task in Administration and Processing of your Payroll.

In addition, our structure allows:

  • A quick and efficient communication between areas and clients.
  • Processing service or management of your payroll.
  • You will have the experts with an integral view encouraging the business management of our clients.

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Our Outsourcing services is a modern and practical option to delegate functions that frequently take time to the companies, and particularly to the Human Capital experts, of a direct and active participation in the results of any company. In this way you may be focused on a more strategic Human Resources Administration, outsourcing all the operative burden to the experts of our accounting firm.

Advantages of the service:

  • Total compliance with the Federal Labor Law
  • Reduction of labor risks due to complaints and/or actions filed by employees
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Elimination of relation with unions
  • Immediate availability, experience in handling and management of human resources, and transparency in the service invoicing.
  • Correct compliance with tax and labor obligations derived from the employer´s condition
  • Deductibility of all the services per person

With our Outsourcing services, we hire the personnel you choose, and through our payroll and without any labor risk or administrative burden, your company may extend the human resources without incrementing the payroll. The foregoing can be used for permanent contracting or to open temporary positions, whether to cover a temporary leave, or for a specific project or during periods requiring more personnel. Our services include positions in any type of activity or industry, and at any level of the company.


  • Knowledge of performance of an employee before being hired
  • Handling of special or temporary projects without decreasing the company’s headcount
  • Own personnel outsourcing
  • Initial contracting to comply with trial period
  • Attention to labor complaints
  • Preparation of labor agreements

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With respect to your company’s needs, and with our alliance with EXCELENCIA, CONSULTORES EN RECURSOS HUMANOS, we implement strategies to improve your business performance.

We have a variety of courses and specific programs for each level of your company, adapted to your activities, such as:

  • Productivity, service quality, human development and sales
  • In addition we have programs and tools specifically addressed to the personnel of the Training area of your company.
  • We give courses to instructors, facilitators, internal consultants, development of manuals and didactic material and accelerated learning techniques.

We are interested in supporting our clients in the growth and professional development of its employees, provided it is a strategic investment of resources to solve the big issues of the companies and to achieve their goals

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We are specialists in recruitment of medium and managerial positions, strategic positions and top management. Our challenge is to find the personnel with greatest efficiency, in order for your company to achieve the goals and to be a key piece which is necessary for such purposes

Advantages of the service:

  • Save time and money.
  • Personalized advisory since the creation of the profile.
  • Updated and new recruitment sources.
  • Extensive interviews.
  • Application of psychometric tests.
  • Verification of included labor references.
  • Support in the incorporation of the selected candidate to the company.

Our service includes:

  • Support in creation and/or change of labor profiles.
  • Search tools and sources and update.
  • We have specialized filters of assessment and selection of profile.
  • Personal interviews, structured, extensive interviews by skills (also in English).
  • Labor references.
  • Psychometric tests depending on the position to be covered, with the best knowledge of the candidate’s profile, which provides the certainty that our recommended candidate complies with the requirements of the company to successfully develop the tasks.
  • The client is introduced with the best candidates for the decision making and hiring.
  • We have different replacement guarantees, depending on the position.
  • We detect the best attitudes of individuals substantially giving true value to your company.

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