In BHR we have 25 years of experience supporting our professionalism and specialization in each area.

We offer advisory of Audits, Taxes, Risk, Financial Advisory, Legal, Forensic, Tax Technology, Foreign Trade, Payroll, Recruitment, Accounting, among others

Know our high specialization in the tax and business area.

We are committed to each project and we guarantee the security of having the expert in such matter.

Our Advisory areas are:

Corporate Governance & Family Governance

Inventory and Assessment of Fixed Assets

Efficiency in Business Processes

Foreign Trade

Access to Business in Mexico

The legal team provides the legal tax and corporate services in order to prevent, comply and solve the business needs. Additionally, they attend different problems before the tax authority in any of the legal instances of the laws to provide services with legality and transparency.


  • Guide our clients to the appropriate compliance with its tax obligations in order to avoid tax contingencies.
  • Comply with the tax rights of our clients promptly and effectively.
  • We are involved in the operations of our clients to give ideas allowing to optimize the resources to comply with the tax obligations to which they are subject.
  • Make a responsible tax advisory for our clients with legal certainty complying with the applicable legal rules.
  • Support our clients with legal defense with respect to tax administrative matters, in local and federal environments: Human Resources, cancellation proceedings and amparo proceedings.


The Corporate Governance is a set of practices, processes, agreements, regulations and systems to direct and control a company. Regulating the relations of shareholders, board of directors and top management. It also regulates the relations of the company with interest groups and strengthens the ethical disposition.

It is an essential element in large companies listed in the Stock Exchange, currently, it also represents an essential opportunity for family companies, looking for building the sustainability and continuity basis of the company.

In these particular cases we refer to the Family Governance, and which implementation in the family companies of any size provide the following benefits:

  • Maintain the key business processes perfectly complying with the policies, regulations, criteria and determination of the shareholders
  • Protect the shareholders with an organized exercise of their rights
  • Promote access to self-financing sources, private capital sources (investors), and to the banking system
  • Generate appropriate devices to solve controversies between the shareholders and the shareholders with the managers or the company
  • Particularly in family companies, contributing to the institutionalization, reducing the risk of succession and providing trust elements in the company´s permanence, through clearly defined succession processes.


  • Develop and link the strategic and operative requirements
  • High level diagnosis
  • Separation of roles and responsibilities between the company and family
  • Definition of family governance bodies and business governance bodies
  • Separation of equity of the company to allow the growth, generate value and decrease the risk of impairment
  • Professionalization of managers and removal of the founding member dependency
  • Identify better business practices
  • Generate value for shareholders and third interested parties
  • Design of methodologies and tools to know the level of growth of the current system of the company
  • Strengthening of the detected opportunity areas.

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The effective process to control the Fixed Assets is a useful and necessary tool for an efficient management of the business. In this sense, the challenge of the companies is to make an efficient use of the material, human and technology resources.

The companies need to identify and know their fixed assets, its condition and value to make decisions in financial, accounting, legal and insurance transactions. Likewise, it is necessary to have effective internal control procedures guaranteeing the correct administration.

BHR offers advisory for integral management of Fixed Assets.

  • Creation of inventory of fixed assets to know the physical location, identification and specific individual conditions of the assets
  • Review and/or design of policies and procedures of fixed assets
  • Definition of types of labels, materials, barcodes and software to control the assets
  • Labeling of each asset with a barcode, QR, Radiofrequency (RFID), among others
  • Reconciliation of accounting records with physical inventory and the legal documentation of property
  • Knowledge of the value of fixed assets on a reliable and accurate manner
  • Generation of a reconciled and full database to be managed by an ERP or specialized software


  • Creating physical inventories: We perform the inventory of your fixed assets to know the physical location, to have an accurate and individual identification of the assets, as well as the specifications and conditions
  • Identification labels and tags of the fixed assets: During the development of the physical inventory it is necessary to use labels and tags. We provide advisory to define the types of tags, materials, barcodes and software to control the assets
  • Reconciliation with the accounting information: Reconciliation of the accounting records with the physical inventory and the legal documentation of the property.
  • Assessment: You will know the value of your fixed assets on a reliable and accurate manner, obtaining real information helping to make the best decisions.

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A main challenge in the companies is to optimize its internal processes and reduce resistance to change through the efficient use of material, human and technological resources. For this reason we have a team in the implementation of control to reduce expenses, mitigate risk and promote operational efficiency.

We also perform preventive audits focused on optimal processes based on the control and efficiency. We are aimed to the results and we commit to provide our clients solutions allowing to reach the productivity they are looking for.

  • Clear definition of functions, responsibility and lines of authority of each department
  • Identification of the opportunity areas allowing a continuous improvement
  • Strengthening of internal controls allowing to protect the company’s assets
  • Detection of frauds and embezzlement
  • Procurement and documentation of induction programs, training of personnel and monitoring of competition management
  • Construction of control methods and assessment of the company’s activities
  • Assessment of activities of each area to optimize time
  • Assurance of compliance with the better use of human, material and technological resources


  • Design and implementation of Preventive and Corrective Controls (Policies, procedures, manuals, etc.).
  • Design and implementation of Internal Controls of Detection such as Processes Audit Plans, Internal Control Assessment, Review for SOX purposes, Assessment of effectiveness and compliance, etc.
  • Definition and modeling of processes.
  • Personnel training.
  • Performance assessment.
  • Continuous improvement plans.
  • Communication and dissemination plans.

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With the new USMCA Agreement, it is important to have a team in Foreign Trade to avoid unnecessary risks, as well as to take advantage of the opportunities of such agreement.

• Full knowledge of the laws and the USMCA

• We have an interdisciplinary team of experts to give the companies the security that imports and exports were performed complying with all the legal requirements

• Acting as a Foreign Trade department, obtaining administrative savings and identifying opportunity areas


  • Trade Compliance. Development, establishment and implementation of the compliance processes to be determined, documented and verified by the companies with import and export transactions in order to comply with the customs, tax and commercial requirements in order to reduce the risk of penalties and legal fines.
  • Customs Integral Training (CIA). There are operation opportunities in Foreign Trade. Importers must appoint a Foreign Trade Legal Representative to manage all the operations. With the CIA, we provide a training program to extend the competition of the Foreign Trade Legal Representative in customs, foreign trade, tax and legal matters in order for the company to be in charge of the foreign trade operations without a customs agent.
  • Customs Mentoring-Coaching (M-CA). We have the mentoring and coaching service as two tools to advise the personnel in charge of the foreign trade operations, in order to provide improvement in its professional performance such as:
    • Improve its abilities of relation and communication for a better performance and productivity.
    • Extend technical and organizational competition of personnel.
  • The cultural change with the use of information technologies, the Single Counter Services and the Customs Electronic System oblige the companies to adopt these tools, in order to have efficient processes and to provide the legal certainty in its import and export operations in order to comply with the provisions of the Customs Law.

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For many years, we have perfectly understood the needs of foreign investors, how to incorporate and make business in Mexico.
Therefore, we have developed a specialized service to give advisory to transnational companies since they are interested in investing in Mexico and for those already incorporated, we are in charge of managing the business from the start to the incorporation.


  • Initial advisory of the type of Company to be incorporated to obtain competitive tax and legal advantages according to the type of business
  • Legal and tax processes to be incorporated
  • Support to select and contract the human resources
  • Outsourcing of accounting and taxes
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Corporate legal outsourcing
  • Initial outsourcing for administration and handling of treasury
  • Advisory for the payment of taxes of foreign individuals working in Mexico (expatriates)

Our team members speak English and have more than 20 years of experience advising companies from the United States of America, Japan, China, India, Germany, Austria and other Latin American companies.

We have Standard ISO 9001:2015 granted by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) and supported by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for outsourcing services in accounting, administration and treasury.

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